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Positive Black Men, Are They Only in the Movies?

What happened to all of the images of positive black men? Why do we only see it in the movies. What has changed our men to only aspire to be thugs, rappers and ball players? We as a community need to change the way we are raising out children and behaving as their role models to create a better future for our black men.

He Really Isn’t Into You… At Least, Not Like That.

You probably hang out with him every day, you probably even have sex with him every now and then… That doesn’t mean he’s going to make you his girlfriend. You would know that, if you paid attention… 7 of the most obvious signs that you’re just a friend.

Good Karma: Restaurants and Stores Give Back for Veterans Day

You guys know I’m in the military so I have to take a moment to recognize Veterans Day. First things first, Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Vets out there! Retired or Active, this is the day people can thank us for what we do for our country. Everybody should take a moment and […]